Businesses that have achieved Quality Tourism Standards, are able to proudly display the Quality Tourism Accredited Business brandmark on their businesses.

The Quality Tourism Framework incorporates a range of business development and recognition programs, which include:

Star Ratings

Sustainable Tourism Accreditation

EcoStar Accreditation

Camp & Adventure Accreditation

Australian Tourism Awards

Brand Evolution

The Quality Tourism Accredited Business brandmark is the new symbol of quality in the Australian tourism industry.

The creation of the new symbol reflects an evolution of the programs and framework, and integrates the already trusted and recognisable symbols of the ‘tick’ and the ‘star’ together as one. This results in a simple, modern, positive, and aspirational symbol for our members to proudly display. It is practical in application and our hero colours are the distinguishable Australian green and gold.

Proudly displaying the new symbol shows that businesses have been independently validated as a quality tourism provider. For tourists, the new brandmark represents organisations that exceed customer service expectations, and deliver an incredible and memorable experience.

Evolved Accreditation Symbol

Previous symbol/device